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My Wonderful World

Hi RS,

I'm glad this post sparked your interest and helped you develop new ideas for teaching about Thanksgiving in the classroom. As we like to say, "Geography helps you see the world in new ways." Check back for more geographic ideas about upcoming winter holidays Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa.


I was trying to think of a good way to work Thanksgiving into school without stepping on the toes of those who do not celebrate the holiday. You just gave me an idea :)

I think it would be interesting to talk to students about why the pilgrams ate what they did (local food) and then we could have our own banquet eating food local to us. With this we could teach students about the benefits of eating locally in addition to a little history.

I think it could be fun and it's always important to encourage students to think about what they are putting into their bodies.

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Jake K

Even traditional Thanksgiving menu items like turkey and corn are not quite the same as they were back in the days of the pilgrims... check out this interesting article from Wired.com about genetic changes that have taken place in these food over the past few hundred years:


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