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Interesting, I found this site through the best 25 sites that are hrd to live without from National Geographic's parent site. The lack of geography knowledge is astounding. The USA is falling behind each year and there really is no excuse except that americans take it for granted that this country is all that matters yet the internet has proven that we are a connected and global world by economy and more. If people really want to progress here they need to get exposed to more awareness of cultures abroad. Our site ExploringAbroad.com gives some of that although it is still getting more and more information.


And we certainly appreciate Intelligent Travel's generous contributions to the hoopla :-) It's an excellent goal: Perhaps with our combined efforts to cultivate global awareness and combat geographic illitgeracy, we'll be able to spend more time CELEBRATING geographic awareness in the future!

Marilyn Terrell

Intelligent Travel was happy to add to the hoopla. Maybe someday we won't NEED a Geography Awareness Week.


Great idea, Tabatha!
There is so much the web has to offer - we simply need more folks like yourself to keep us updated on weekly online events.
Thanks for the info and link!


Maybe next time National Geography Week could hook up with already planned weekly web events like Poetry Friday or Nonfiction Monday to be the theme that week? http://6traits.wordpress.com/nonfiction-monday/ There are also carnivals, like the carnival of children's literature. If NGW could be the web "theme of the week," that would be very cool.


Catholicgauzette did a good job to investigating if GAW works: http://catholicgauze.blogspot.com/2008/11/geography-awareness-week-2008-is-it.html

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