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Sarah Jane

Hi Steve!
Thanks for sharing your class activity with our audience. I love the idea of adding to the complexity of the map puzzle by challenging students to collaborate silently. It shows how teachers can easily adapt such projects for varying age and skill levels. And great pictures, too!

Steve McCarville (Nebraska PEC-MWW)

The SPSL School of Omaha seventh grade geography classes just finished a unit on Canada. Mr. McCarville gave them about 66 map sections to put together to form a classroom map of Canada. They had to visualize the land and work together without talking. Quite a challenge! In November, they will be given over 100 map sections to form all of North America which will include the U.S.A., Mexico and Central America in the St. Pius Parish Center. The materials were part of the Geography Action Week toolkit Mr. McCarille received in Dearborn. Geography can be fun!
A slideshow of the activity can be found at:

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