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Sarah Jane

Hi friend from Jordan,

Thanks for your comment. I hope Geotourism will soon make inroads in Jordan, too, and I'm optimistic that it will. It just takes a couple of dedicated individuals like yourself--where there's a will, there's a way!
Jordan is a land rich with culture and history, with many sites that would be excellent targets for Geotourism initiatives. But I don't have to tell you! Hopefully I'll make it there one day myself :-)

Eco Tours Jordan

I have heard a lot about these in recent times ... but didn't know Geo-tourism is being carried out on such a high scale ...
I think these are grat initiatives to help conserve the environment.. I'm sure this will lead to similar initiatives in other countries also.. and i hope it is started soon in my country :)

fatima mehta

iam from india , one of the largest continent in south asia . i would love to trek along by way of pictures about my country with wonderful stories attached to them. looking forward.

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