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im doing a sustainable city project for school
and i just wondered. would you consider the fact that Brazil si doing much to perserve the ranforest and to lessen th eimpact on it, aprt of Curitiba's sustainability?

Thiago Prado

When I was living Brazil many types I heard that Curitiba was the model city for all the other cities in Brazil.
I've never been there but by the pictures must be a really good place to live and work.

Travel Guy

That's very interesting about Curitiba, I hadn't heard of it either. Did Portugal have anything to do with the foundation for their urban planning and stuff? Or did this happen after? Great stuff, I like the "Intelligent Travel" blog too. Thanks.

Sarah Jane

Hi Jose,

Thanks very much for your comments!
My research suggests that you are accurate in many respects: As a nation, Brazil has taken steps in the last 5 years to dramatically improve its environmental policies, including initiation of a program in 2004 to rapidly decrease rates of deforestation in the Amazon. Of course, this policy was instituted largely in response to particularly severe rates of deforestation in 2002 and 2003: http://www.mongabay.com/brazil.html.

While Brazil is making admirable progress, especially considering that its economy is very much still in the process of development, the country has a ways to go before it can be considered a world leader on environment. I could not find the "German Watch" ranking system to which you referred, but here's one I DID find: the Pilot 2006 Environmental Performance Index performed by Yale and Columbia Universities: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilot_2006_Environmental_Performance_Index#Overall_EPI_score.2C_2006

And of course, the United States is probably the worst performer of all in the international community. While cited as number 28 on the EPI list for exercising some progressive policies, and despite having been recently passed by China in total CO2 emissions, the U.S. is one of the MOST consumptive countries per capita. This is significant given that it boasts the third largest population in the world. Never mind that the U.S. has failed to sign on to international treaties like the Kyoto Protocol. Thus, both Brazil and the U.S. (ESPECIALLY the U.S.) have improvements to make. We all, as citizens of the earth, must take dramatic steps to start better caring for our planet and our descendants.

José Henrique Almeida Santos

On the other hand, Amazon is desappering because of the Global Warming. In Brazil, our cars use the "devil and demoniac (according to CNN)" biofuels, and our energy is produced by water, wind, biomassa, natural gas (only a little share is derived from oil). Every time you turn on your enormous television, use the lights of your three-store house and put your enormous car on the street, you are contributing for the disappering of the Amazon Forest, and to the destruction of our country.

José Henrique Almeida Santos

Brazil is doing everything for its development, but not destroying the Amazon. We preserved 80% of this forest, and the government is doing a big effort to stop deforestation (it stopped to grow in 2004). There is a "environmental index" created by a agency called "German Watch" (if I remember), that put Brazil in the 8th position as a country that most do for environment, against the 55th position of USA and something like that for France (in a list of 57 countries). Mexico and Argentina are in good positions (5th and 10th). It's time to you (people from the auto-declared "first world") start to do something for the planet.

ray kofi

send me more information.

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