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My Wonderful World

Thanks for your comment, Nina. It's interesting, but not surprising, to learn that geographic illiteracy is a problem not just in the United States, but in many other nations as well--including so-called 'western' countries with the most advanced education systems. This is obviously a serious problem in an increasingly globalized world and economy, one that we hope to address in the United States through our public awareness campaign, My Wonderful World. We hope you'll continue to read the blog and offer an overseas perspective whenever you're inclined!


Wow, I'm really pleased to find this blog and learn I'm not the only one who thinks kids are being failed by our education systems! I'm from the UK but even here, kids don't seem to be taught basic geography any more. My own kids can't interpret maps, they don't know capital cities, they don't know where countries are in relation to each other - my 18 year old thinks Brazil is in Europe! As Jerome Dobson says, "Quiz after quiz has shown that kids today don't know where any place is" - he's absolutely right!

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