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My Wonderful World

Thank you for your comment. Granted, we recognize the incongruence you point out (and Sarah alluded to it in her post about the "Day of Discussion"), but there is something to be said for joining the conversation. Though this blog and My Wonderful World are not partnered with, and certainly do not speak for, Starbucks and their practices, we were impressed that the Starbucks company made an effort to start a dialogue about environmental issues. They are a global company with a lot of reach. Instituting more "Days of Discussions" can only help spread awareness about how interconnected our world really is, economically and environmentally. We encourage all to go see Arctic Tale, and to use the film as a catalyst to spark discussion about these critical issues!

Rob D.

Starbucks seems like a terrible promotion partner for Arctic Tale. In my mind, Starbucks needs to develop a more sustainable business model, a corporate recycling program perhaps, before they start trying to promote such an eco-friendly message.

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