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My Wonderful World

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for your thoughts on this important issue. Through the My Wonderful World campaign, we strive to inspire people to care about the planet and act accordingly. We welcome suggestions, stories, opinions, link to stories etc. from our readers that contribute to the dialogue on this topic. For more on global warming, I'd encourage you to check out the recent post on the Starbucks National Day of Discussion.

Sarah for My Wonderful World

hipotecas & prestamos

Climatic Change is Not a Problem of the Future

The diagnosis of the future of the planet cannot be gloomier. To the numerous elements that damage the environment, we must now add others, like the direct consequences of turning food into fuel, established as the economic policy guideline of the United States, designed and defended at all costs by the US president.

The issue has been presented on many occasions as a warning of the potential danger that, if continued, will affect the indispensable conditions for the life on the planet. Evidently at the service of the large transnationals, which produce 25 percent of the contaminating gas emissions, the White House has justified its position and has systematically refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

The inhabitants of the planet are required to act urgently. Maybe it's not too late.

Carlos Menéndez

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