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Amazing site... interesting.........

Victoria Hoyos

I would like to see a life concert of Afro-Pacific Colombian music in New York City sponsored by National Geographic. There are a lot of American and European citizens interested in learning and keeping alive folk music from around the world, specially Colombia. But the government asks people not to travel to Colombia. Could you please bring Peregoyo, Naidi, Jose Antonio Torres alias Gualajo for a season of concerts in New York and the rest of the US before these great musical and cultural treasures pass away? It will really help other world societies as Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk document this folkloric music and the folk instruments used to performed. You will definitively sell these concerts.


In my opinon, this site doing a great job, allowing people to know more not only about geography, places and culture, but also reveal wonderful world music. I appreciate this a lot.

Kris Cummings

I think the people and places supersite is amazing. It’s like having an atlas, almanac and encyclopedia of every country with a click of the mouse. I looked at the country of Iceland and there were even travel costs for an expedition as well as a review. This site is a great tool for researching different countries. It really is fun and useful for all ages.

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