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Ah, the prodigal son returns :)
I'm just kidding with you Jbone, great to hear from you.

I heard about this on the radio over the summer and loved the idea because it tied two of my loves, geography and music -- so glad you feel the same way! I'll definitely have to test your Billy Joel theory the next time I travel- it's hard to find songs that work both in city and country.

Thanks for the comment (and the music suggestion), hope all is well!

jbone blackman

wow wow, great post bethany. That music project sounds really fascinating. It's so interesting to observe the ways in which geography can impact just about anything. I definitely notice a change in what I want to listen to based on where I am. But no matter where I am, I find that Billy Joel singing 'we didn't start the fire' fits. Maybe that's just me.

P.S. great to see the blog is going strong. Keep it up:)

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