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Sarah Jane

Well put :-)


Maragaritaville is Southeast of Disorder, A beautiful place to be

Jake K

I'm so pumped to see Jimmy Buffet featured on the MWW blog! His songs, and ESPCIALLY his novels, include a plethora of vivid geographic descriptions. This isn't surprising, being that he is an avid traveler and pilot. His way with words makes learning geography fun (assuming you like to read about the Southeast USA and Caribbean regions). The next time you're on a beach vacation, and need some light reading, you can't beat Jimmy's books. In fact, I'm pretty sure my family vacation to Key West was directly related to listening to Buffet's CDs during cold upstate NY winters!

"Margaritaville" is a state of mind... it can be anywhere... its all about your relation to the place, and that's how I would answer the last question - "true places" have special meaning. They're not merely points on a map... they're so much more - memories, emotions, etc. You don't need a map to find them, because they're with you all the time!

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