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My Wonderful World

Thanks for pointing out the Wikipedia article, Gerry. Interesting description of World Party Day as "one of the first global efforts in a growing number of movements of synchronized human celebration."

As a blogger, I found the part about the power of the internet as a tool for social networking, mass communication, and ultimately, creation of social movements, especially noteworthy. I can't think of a better use of technology, and the internet, than to create
"awareness of the power of collective thought and the intrinsic potential of individuals to make a difference, create reality and affect change toward positive conditions for humankind!"
And thanks Tim to for mentioning Ham radio--a mode of communication that, as a predecessor to the internet, achieved some of the networking power that the internet is realizing today. The internet is indeed a new form of this type of popular communication, albeit on a much larger scale (and much more liberal terms of use!)

gerry owens

Ham radio is really a predecessor to net communication. I think it's given a nod in the book Flight (Vanna Bonta) when the novel's heroine takes to the air waves to usher in the first world party. World Party Day, John Stanford International School and all proactive have the right idea. Let's do it. Make it official.
Saw this too:

Tim Peterson

Ham Radio has been connecting this world for almost 100 years. These radio operators have working on international goodwill, and look forward to speaking to those in a forgien nation. Here we don't care about the color of ones skin. By nature we are always learnig about our geography. Ham Radio is a large world wide fraturnity of over 3 million radio operators with the attitude of, "I havn't meet all of my friends yet."


I can't tell you about the perfect international schools ideas because i'm not at an international school and the education system here in egypt is more than too bad
I hope I can get a scholarship in USA or UK so i'll be able to learn by the right way

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